BREAKING: SEC SUING CORE DEFI PROTOCOLS!! (this has never happened before…)






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00:00 Intro – Biggest DeFi protocols possibly sued by SEC
00:31 Barnbridge DAO sued by SEC. They start small to gain experience
01:31 We need decentralization of projects
02:21 Big day for BTC. This week we will break out – 45K
03:10 Bridge hacked – How do we move ahead of this?
03:43 Welcome to the chat
04:04 Shout out to ByBit
04:40 What do you do to spend crypto for daily expenses?
05:40 Key is to set up a decentralized workflow
06:01 Crypto bubbles market overview – Sideways-down
06:16 Moralis Token explorer – OX coin is rising. Made by Kyle Davids from 3 arrows
08:03 General market is getting more quality. We are exiting meme stuff
09:19 It is the calm before the storm, 5 trillion in cash on the sidelines
10:48 Timeline explained with BTC weekly chart
11:10 Media has shifted their tune about BTC. Now it is good for the environment, best store of value
12:21 Las Vegas Sphere uses 2x energy compared to BTC. But it is insane
13:25 We need to use energy to advance forward. Flint stone as example
15:04 People refuse to sell BTC and ETH. Truflation trending down. Now at 2.44 percent
17:04 Price wise rate hikes increases don’t matter anymore. But as a narrative they do matter
18:17 The rise of AI versus old school CPI determination
19:43 AI will start messing with FED processes
20:53 Elon Musk – AI cannot mess with Bitcoin because of fundamental math
22:43 Hash functions and cryptography cannot be messed with by AI.
23:56 Multichain bridges hacked
26:08 Only solution is decentralization
27:28 UniSwap is careful. Axelar is taking over
28:36 Fantom in trouble and onboarding Axelar now
29:18 We need everything cross chain without the complexity
29:43 Possible narratives for coming bullrun
30:24 Q&A
30:54 Pulsechain update – liquidity removed from fake copies like PEPE
33:21 Q1: How can they sue protocols?
33:54 Q2: Missing out on waiting for insane adoption and doing a 100X?
36:14 Signals for Solana
36:54 Q3: Thoughts on MultiversX?
37:37 Q4: How is Avalanche AVAX doing?
39:44 Q5: What do you think about unchained?
40:30 Q6: Let’s tell about PEPE?
40:57 Moralis Money token explorer ecosystems explored
42:04 Outro with shout out to ByBit


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