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Hourly Defi website: https://cryptoskillet.com/hourlydefi

In this Hourly Defi review and update, we take a look at my MIND BLOWING profits from this incredible new defi passive income project! Hourly Defi is a yield ROI project that allows users to make a deposit and earn a stable fixed return that can be withdrawn immediately after a set period of time. HourlyDefi has seven different plans, with each being based on a different length of time and providing a different level of returns. This is truly a phenomenal method of earning defi passive income!

In the video, I show you my results after 24 hours for the second day in a row. Yesterday I deposited 00, and today that investment has turned into 25, which I withdrew straight to my wallet in the video! That is a 5 profit in just one day, which is insane! Because it is going so well, I also made another live deposit into Hourly Defi for 00 once again with Plan 2.

In this video I alo show you how each of the Hourly Defi plans work. At the lowest level, you can earn 4.5% hourly, for a total return of 108% after 24 hours. The second plan offers 115% ROI after 24 hours. The third plan offers 160% returns after 3 days. The fourth plan offers 275% ROI after 7 days! The fifth plan offers 600% after 14 days. And the sixth plan offers a whopping 1100% after 20 days!

Hourly Defi also has a limited time special plan that offers 145% return after 24 hours, with a much higher minimum deposit. The other 6 plans all have a low minimum investment amount of just !

One of the things I love about Hourly Defi is that there are ZERO fees for deposits and withdrawals (aside from the standard gas fees that are required by your network). Plus, the withdrawals are instant! I demonstrate this in the video so you can see for yourself!

This is certainly a project with a lot of potential, although it’s important to remember that it is also high risk! Of course, you never know what will happen in DeFi, but projects like HourlyDefi are what make this such an exciting space, and I hope it stays around for a long time!

Check out Hourly Defi here:

🚀 Hourly Defi website: https://cryptoskillet.com/hourlydefi


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