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Season 2 of Illuvium Showcase features upgrades to the quality of video and image leaks with commentary from Grant Warwick (Co-Founder) hosted by Andrew Wall.
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Illuvium is building the world’s first interoperable blockchain games including Illuvium: Overworld, Arena and Zero, where you can play and own your assets across multiple video games.

Illuvium: Overworld is a free-to-play, open world collection game, available on PC and Mac. Explore a shattered world, collect critical resources and capture mysterious Illuvials to become the most dominant Ranger in Illuvium.

Avoid deadly hazards as you search for valuable resources that your drone collects. These resources include shards to capture Illuvials, gemstones to craft and upgrade gear, and consumables to boost your ranger and Illuvials.

Illuvium: Overworld presents the exclusive challenge to battle and capture Illuvials. You must enter an encounter and defeat the opposing team to try to capture an Illuvial. If you achieve victory, you can battle your new Illuvial in the arena or sell it on the IlluviDEX, our official market exchange.

Enhance your kit, armaments, drone and Illuvials in order to overcome more challenging battles in higher stage regions. Craft and upgrade your helmet, jetpack, boots, and weapon to better traverse the Overworld. Forge more powerful armaments and armor to battle in the arena and don’t forget to upgrade your drone. Your goal is to capture rarer and more powerful Illuvials, to climb the leaderboard.

Free-to-play players can fully experience Illuvium: Overworld’s breathtaking gameplay, yet they will not be able to access higher stage regions that require fuel to enter. Fuel is acquired by developing your land in Illuvium: Zero or simply purchase fuel on the IlluviDEX. The choice is yours.

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