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In this Kingdom Cash review, we take a look at this brand new defi passive income project that has had a meteoric rise in popularity since it launched a few days ago! The Kingdom Cash crypto project offers investors the opportunity to earn up to 4.35% in daily passive income by participating in this uniquely gamefied system!

With the Kingdom Cash crypto project, you have a castle that is surrounded by 5 roads. Beside each road you can build a tower that can be filled with warriors. These warriors will protect your kingdom from enemy attacks, which earns you BNB rewards in the form of gold.

The gold is then collected every hour in the central treasury, where you must claim it at least once every 24 hours (this time period can be extended by purchasing treasury upgrades). After claiming, the gold can be exchanged at any time for BNB, which is sent directly to your wallet!

Kingdom Cash is one of the most exciting projects in defi right now, and you will see why in this video! I have invested into this project myself, and will probably by adding even more capital soon! I hope Kingdom Cash stays around for a long time!

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