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Discover HUGE NFT Leaks about the Top NFTs Projects to Buy NOW (Otherside Land Sale, RTFKT, Murakami Flowers, Azuki NFTs, Ragnarok NFTs, AV Yacht Club)

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0:00 MAJOR NFT Leaks & New NFTs Mint | BAYC Otherside Land Sale, Murakami NFTs BULLISH, Azuki to the Moon
0:10 Top NFTs Projects Update #1: Yuga Lab’s The Otherside NFT Land Sale BAYC
1:35 Join the Parallax Disocrd: NFTs Tier List
1:52 Top NFTs Tools: Flippr Tool, Trait Sniper, Alpha Shark
3:52 Top NFTs Projects Updates #2: AV Yacht Club NFTs
6:05 NFTs News #1: Jack Dorsey on Elon Musk Purchase of Twitter
7:16 NFT News #2: Azuki NFTs Bobu NFTs to the Moon
7:45 NFTs New: #3 Murakami CloneX Opensea Floor Sweep, Murakami Flowers NFT
9:16 Upcoming NFTs: Ragnarok NFTs Mint

We’ll talk about the MAJOR NFT News about Yuga Lab’s BAYC Otherside Meta NFT Land Sale and how you can find this NFT mint. Next, we’ll discuss top NFTs tools for NFT flipping: Flippr Tool, Trait Sniper NFTs, Alpha Shark NFTs. The, we’ll talk about the NFT news about AV Yacht Club NFTs and their VX models in the metaverse or Sandbox NFT. Next, we’ll look at some crypto news about Elon Musk purchase of Twitter, Azuki NFTs sending Bobu NFTs to the moon. After that, we’ll discuss Murakami Flowers NFTs and Takashi Murakami sweeping the RTFKT NFT or CloneX Opensea floor. Finally, we’ll look at the upcoming NFT to mint called Ragnarok NFTs.

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