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NFT how to earn and create from scratch for an ordinary person? What is NFT and why millionaires buy NFT?
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NFT explained:
00:00 what are nfts?
00:28 How to make million on NFT
01:00 NFT explained
01:20 NFT for beginners
02:46 NFT price
05:11 5 ways how to make money on NFT
05:15 Distribution of NFTs / NFT airdrops
05:46 Create and sell NFT
06:41 NFT games
07:16 trading NFTs
07:39 NFT staking
07:55 NFT scam?

Maybe it’s time to figure out what NFT is?
Is it a financial pyramid, a bubble or a new financial system that will allow you to become a couple of million dollars richer?
At the moment, there are only 5 ways to make money on NFT. But first, let’s figure out what it is and how any average person without special skills can do it)

NFT is a technology that allows you to confirm ownership of any picture, gif, video or sound.
IMPORTANT! Not authorship, but ownership)
With the NFT technology, this become possible on the Internet)
Now you can upload your picture on the Internet in a certain way and the system will confirm that you are the owner.

And the trick is – that it cannot be changed)

Why is Malevich’s black square so expensive? After all, I can also draw a black square))
In the world of art, the value often depends not on the material which the object is made of, but on the meaning that is embedded in it. Moreover, price of a painting depends on:
– author’s popularity
– fame paintings
– cultural significance

With NFT now everything is the same:
– if the picture was drawn by a cool artist – the price goes up
– or the price depends on who has already bought this NFT or something from this collection) For example, Eminem bought this monkey and put it on his profile picture)
– Often the collections are limited and give access to closed communities. For example, NFT Ape Yacht Club is only 10,000 and in fact it’s a pass to closed parties) Naturally, this affects the price)
– if there is any meaning in the NFT, it’s bought to be supported! For example, 14-year-old Abigail from the beginning of this video gave 200k to charity and helped white whales) This was another reason for people to buy these pictures!

And now, let’s move on to 5 ways how to make money:
1. Distribution of NFTs
2. Create – sell (on opensea or binance)
3. play to earn – play games and earn nft
4. Buy low and sell high (trading NFT)
5. Staking NFTs


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