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This is the ultimate example to anyone of you can make money playing sorare global fantasy football. Alot of beginners want a guide or explanation as to how that works, I prefer to show you EXACTLY what I’ve doen to achieve my goals. I show my October 2021 dealings, the rewards I’ve won on SoRare. some I kept and strengthened my team, others I sold for profit or to compound in our positions.

The biggest factor in me making over £15,000 this month was done to my trading activity, I have again successfully managed my acquisition with a projection of when to sell in mind AND managed to stay patient and see it through to fruition.

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00:00 – Intro Trailer
01:46 – Video Starts. Fantasy Football Winnings
05:44 – Sorare Top Tip
07:29 – SoRare Card Trading
10:36 – October Summary
12:25 – Strengthening My SoRare Club

Sorare elevates fantasy football. Every week, players create fantasy football lineups, earning points based on their players’ on-field actions. Buy tokenized trading cards on the Ethereum blockchain in Sorare. So if you want to give it a shot, let me know! I will give you advice and tips on how to use the site, how to get the most out of it, what happens behind the scenes when you trade a player, draft someone, etc., the different types of drafts, strategies you can use, and more. I will also discuss trade options and show you how to play a fantasy football league. Find out how to maximize your Fantasy Football experience!

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