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Illuvium: Beyond is excited to launch Illuvitars on March 7th, 2023. Illuvium: Beyond is a collectible card game that combines stunning visuals and competitive fun.
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Illuvitars are creative, hand-drawn versions of our Illuvials that exist beyond the Illuvium Universe. Illuvitars have distinct expressions, backgrounds, accessories, and finishes that differ in rarity and determine their power rating.

IlluviTars and Accessories are sold in two types of D1sks: standard and mega, with the latter containing a guaranteed rare Illuvitar. You can load your D1sk immediately, save it, trade it or sell it.

Illuvitars are sold in waves, with ultra rare, highly sought after alphas, kicking off each wave in a time limited sale.

Permanently bond accessories to your Illuvitar to boost its power rating with five slots: skin, body, eyes, head, and props. There are billions of potential combinations, so make your Illuvitar one-of-a-kind.

The hub is the central location to manage your assets, browse the marketplace, and track your progress. Here you will find the Illuvitars Album where you can gain points by placing your Illuvitars inside sleeves to complete collections and achieve milestones.

Climb the leaderboard by stacking album points, and rank up from bronze to diamond to earn exclusive borders for your Illuvitars.

Unleash your competitive nature, and don’t miss out on the most eye-popping and addictive collection game of all time! Go to http://join.illuvium.io/illuvitars to learn more.

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