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Robinhood has prevented buy orders on Robinhood
Robinhood Boycott
Robinhood Lawsuit
Gamestop vs. AMC short squeeze live updates
Wallstreetbets reddit group having a conversation about Gamestop and AMC and the effects of big investment firms trying to short Gamesto and AMC.

Elon Musk tweeted: Gamestonk!!
Tritium DCFC Stock pump after biden EV speech
Elon Musk guest speaker
Disclaimer: I’m not a financial adviser, I am only entertaining on YouTube

In January 2021, retail investors on social media site Reddit’s “WallStreetBets”
in stocks such as GameStop, AMC and KOSS, as well as other securities they identified as being
up, forcing short sellers who bet the stock price would go down, to purchase shares at an
the username “DeepF*ckingValue.” Initially, this squeeze led to heavy losses for some short
Robinhood, and other broker dealers, placed restrictions on transactions in these stocks, which
received public and regulatory scrutiny. Eventually, the stock prices started to decline and many
investors were faced with steep financial losses. For some, the January short squeeze raises
questions regarding whether legislators and regulators should take a closer look at existing rules
governing short sales and related disclosures, as well as the conflicts between the practice of
payment for order flow and firms’ best execution obligations. It also raises important questions

BBIG Squeeze, Stock Vinco Ventures
about the efficacy of anti-market manipulation laws and whether technology and social media
have outpaced regulation in a manner that leaves investors and the markets exposed to
unnecessary risks.
II. Short Selli
Gamestop has Earnings call this month March 25, 2021
Gamestop options expire around March 19-20th
What time does Roblox go IPO
What time is Roblox offering
Roblox IPO

Will it even come close to that price level today?

The day before Earnings Call Gamestop
Earnings 5Pm March, 23, 2021

Virtual Hearing – Oversight of the Treasury Department’s and Federal Reserve’s… (EventID=111397)

Gamestop short interest ratio 1500%
Hedgefunds liquidating stocks to cover gamestop short calls

Long Thesis: DOGE price increases overtime as whales collect doge and retail investors scalp the price. Scalping DOGECOIN can lower your average cost basis.
President Biden and H.E. Scholz Participate in a Joint Press Conference


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